Sunrise on the Great Wall

There is a plethora of attractions just a short and inexpensive distance from Beijing. Probably the most well known is the Great Wall, with many ways to get there its difficult to determine, which will be the easiest or the fastest. I personally have visited a number of ways from getting the bus to hiring … Continue reading Sunrise on the Great Wall

48 Hours in Shanghai

Shanghai is the perfect place to visit for a weekend from Beijing. It has a completely different air to it, but is still a good distance way to get there and back in two days. You will feel refreshed and exhilarated from your travels. Before going, I didn't know much about the city at all. … Continue reading 48 Hours in Shanghai

Escape the city: Summer Palace

Many people have asked me how to organise a trip out of the city, so here is how and it really is easy, I promise. We spent two days away, one to the Summer Palace and Botanical Gardens and the other to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. Both of the days we left … Continue reading Escape the city: Summer Palace

Beijing: what the guide books don’t tell you

If there was an addiction I suffered from, it would be book hoarding. I cannot seem to give away books, to the point where I cannot borrow books because I won't want to return them. I have suffered with this condition for as long as I can remember. Amazon should give me loyalty points. The … Continue reading Beijing: what the guide books don’t tell you

Harbin: surviving the cold

When you hear -20 you can't imagine it. Yes, it's cold and you'll need a lot of layers, but really imagine that sort of temperature is impossible unless you've experienced it for yourself. This is what I was thinking during the eight hour train journey from Beijing to Harbin. Above the doorway was a digital … Continue reading Harbin: surviving the cold

So you’ve landed in China: What to expect

For a travel blog, six months in one country sounds like a life time. I've been through the coldest winter I've ever experienced, followed by watching the famous blossom grew and later drop off. I landed wearing the thickest coat I owned in the UK only to need an even thicker, warmer one here. Needless … Continue reading So you’ve landed in China: What to expect