About me

Hello, you fabulous people and welcome to my blog!

I’m Gaby! I’m 23 and from a little town on the wrong side of the M25 in London. Following my graduation from university last summer I had no idea what I waned to do. I watched all my friends move away to high powered jobs in the city. My only wish was to escape and see the world, not that I had any idea where I wanted to go; anywhere would have done. I rarely had a plan and did very little research into the practicalities of achieving my aim. The only way I had heard of was to teach English, so this is what I did.

After a grueling visa process I landed in Beijing, China to begin a year contract with a private English school. Since taking the leap eight months ago, I’ve been to the ice and snow festival in Harbin, eaten scorpions, flooded my flat, walked along The Bund, Shanghai, bought a scooter and bore witness to the infamous Chinese rush hour. I have found Beijing to be whirl wind a tricky yet exciting one at that, not that I plan to give up anytime soon. It has only kicked off my bucket list.

When I’m not working or exploring the city, I can be found with a good coffee and a book in my hand. The first thing I did after moving into my flat was find a local cafe, luckily it does an excellent croissant and cappuccino, which are relatively hard to find. Perhaps, I’m a little reminiscent of Europe.

Due to my time constriction my travel list seems to be growing faster than I can tick places off but this is no deterrent. I’ve found having a plan in place for where I want to go and asking for time off is the key.

For the time being my blog plan seems to be orientated around my travels in and around China, one of the most underrated travel destinations. However, with my growing wanderlust I doubt I will stop there.

All photos are taken by me and my trusty iPhone 6.

Of course, any specific questions about getting to China or life in China can be addressed below or through an email to gabrielagoesglobal@yahoo.com.

For plenty more information about my journey to China, click here.