Pingyao: The Ancient City

Follow my blog with Bloglovin To begin with I have to apologise for how long its been. Work has been getting hectic as the summer draws ever closer and therefore the dreaded summer academy (heaven forbid children have a holiday). Before the intense six week summer course begins I decided to take a weekend away … Continue reading Pingyao: The Ancient City

How to find some time to yourself in an Asian metropolis

It's a funny thing get moving to a whole new area, city or country. The local amenities you overlooked suddenly become what you miss most. In my family home back in the UK, I had a large garden where I would try and grow some fruit and veg, I would always have plants on all … Continue reading How to find some time to yourself in an Asian metropolis

Winter wonderland or Summer hot spot: When is the best time to visit Beijing?

When you think of travelling Asia, China rarely pops up. South East Asia yes, Japan yes, not generally China. Perhaps this is due to the visa restrictions, I’ve heard of multiple of my co-workers' family and friends being rejected a visa. Perhaps the political situation or just how far away it is. They say for … Continue reading Winter wonderland or Summer hot spot: When is the best time to visit Beijing?

Guilin: a photo diary

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Guilin is in Guangxi province in the south west of China. The city became famous for its sweet smelling trees but mostly for its iconic scenery. Its set between enormous odd shaped mountains, which look as though a child drew them. They are narrow and tall, located along the Li … Continue reading Guilin: a photo diary

5 free apps to survive a life in China

Moving or visiting a country like China it's important to be prepared, especially if you don't speak the language. Before I moved here, I didn't pre download anything or even know much about how to prepare myself. This post is a bit of a reflection on what I would do differently if I could go … Continue reading 5 free apps to survive a life in China

24 hours in Xi’an

Xi'an is just over two hours away from Beijing flying, making it an easy weekend destination. Though the city is best known for the Terracotta army, the centre has a lot to offer as well.  The most famous and most visited attraction on offer in Xi'an would be the Terracotta Army. However, the warriors are actually … Continue reading 24 hours in Xi’an

5 things I learned while travelling with my mum

Mums, with generally a continuous love/hate relationship most daughters can't imagine spending a couple of days travelling with their mum let alone a full few weeks. Me and my mum had done some travelling before, we went to New York after graduation and often took summer holidays together. My mum came to visit me after … Continue reading 5 things I learned while travelling with my mum

Sunrise on the Great Wall

There is a plethora of attractions just a short and inexpensive distance from Beijing. Probably the most well known is the Great Wall, with many ways to get there its difficult to determine, which will be the easiest or the fastest. I personally have visited a number of ways from getting the bus to hiring … Continue reading Sunrise on the Great Wall

48 Hours in Shanghai

Shanghai is the perfect place to visit for a weekend from Beijing. It has a completely different air to it, but is still a good distance way to get there and back in two days. You will feel refreshed and exhilarated from your travels. Before going, I didn't know much about the city at all. … Continue reading 48 Hours in Shanghai

Escape the city: Summer Palace

Many people have asked me how to organise a trip out of the city, so here is how and it really is easy, I promise. We spent two days away, one to the Summer Palace and Botanical Gardens and the other to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. Both of the days we left … Continue reading Escape the city: Summer Palace